URD is a program to download binaries from usenet (newsgroups) through a web interface.


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Manager: Gavin Spearhead

Laatste nieuws

URD 1.13
It took a while, but it has finally arrived: URD 1.13.
Toegevoegd door Gavin Spearhead meer dan 2 jaar geleden

A Million Ways to URD in the West: URD 1.12
URD 1.12 has been released to our server. Available completely free, especially for your download as a brand new tarball or blazing deb package.
Toegevoegd door Gavin Spearhead ongeveer 3 jaar geleden

URD 1.10: The Desolation of URD
Here is URD 1.10. This time mostly a bugfix release. But there are a few shiny new features as well
Toegevoegd door Gavin Spearhead bijna 4 jaar geleden

URD 1.9: World War URD
There is a brave new URD out there, and it has just become version 1.9. There is quite a substantial changelog this time including a couple of usability improvements, style updates, bug fixes, and a few new features.
Toegevoegd door Gavin Spearhead meer dan 4 jaar geleden

URD 1.8: A Good Day to URD Hard
's it! A brand new, shining release of the Usenet Resource Downloader: URD 1.8.
Toegevoegd door Gavin Spearhead meer dan 4 jaar geleden

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