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Ruud Baars, 22-09-2010 18:50

Wijzigingen in Hunspell die voor ons worden gemaakt

Bug: checkcompoundfpattern does not detect flag-flag conflict.

CHECKCOMPOUNDPATTERN /A /B should prevent words with flag A to be combined with flag B, but it does not.

Bug: checkcompoundpattern does not work for compounding with more then 2 parts in all compounding methods

Bug: a word forbidden by the flag FORBIDDENWORD sometimes still gets suggested by compounding.

Feature request: Limit the wildness of offered alternatives by setting a max character distance (levenshtein?) and length. e.g.:

MAXDIFF (number)
MAXDIFF(min length) {max length} {max diff)

Feature request: Introduction of the flag for probably wrong (words actually correct, but more likely to be a mistake):


Though applications are not able to report this, this flag makes it possible to start preparing for it; a feature request to the applicattions will then follow.

By the way, this will also result in an API change.

Feature request: Have a flag on the last compounding part specifying the word has to start with uppercase.

(To force words ending with street to be uppercased)

Bug: the 2 compounding mechanisms interfere.

Bug: Keepcase not used in compounds

Bug: option -G reports words which are not input (bad for testing)

Feature request: add word border indicator to REP

Bug: REP with >1 _ fails

Bug: REP with non-letters in replacement fails

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