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EasySolar II

ESS #1 means low SOC

Multiplus II


GX device

seems to be an : Allwinner sun8i Family

ESPhome grid meter

Using the the following extra software on the GX device to enable mqtt devices to connect to the victron GX and be used as a grid meter:

Using the following ESPHome alternate P1 meter configuration to send P1 data to the GX device AND to home assistant:

after updating the firmware you seem to need to run the script again.

esphome p1meter victron version

GX to Home Assistant

To get information from the GX device into home assistant you can use the following HACS addon:

To get the battery input/output into the energy dashboard you need to split the sensor.victron_system_battery_power into two values with template sensors and add two cummulative entries with the integration platform.


GX Venus OS Large

You can update the firmware with a Venus OS Large version. This version includes Node-RED. In the Remote Console, this can be enabled and you can finde node-red on https://venus:1881/

when installing Venus OS Large, you better run


Pylontech 5000US

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